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Machinery Finance

PKF is one of the oldest and leading group of North India serving the Finance needs of its Customers since 1958."Funds taken from PKF are lucky for US", these are the words spoken by our customers. We offer Customized Term Loans to help SME's acquire machines & equipments for starting / expanding a business or industrial unit. Our dedicated relationship managers have a keen insight into your business so that they can identify your unique business requirements and thus offer you term loan product that suits your needs exactly. We offer SME/Machinery loans to improve your cash flows, conserve your cash reserves and maintain your Financial Fexibility.

We provide loans for the following purposes :-

· Purchase of New/Refurbished Machinery Finance.
· Re-finance on existing / used Machinery.
· Top up Loans.
· Ancillary Equipment finance (AC’s, Lifts etc).
· Balance Transfer

1. Lowest Interest Rate on Machinery Finance. 6. Tailor Made Schemes.
2. Maximum Finance - Simple Documentation. 7. Flexible loan structure, tenor, Ticket Size 
3. No Hidden Cost. 8. Loan ranging from 5 Lacs to 5 Crores.
4. Personalized and Prompt Service 9. Interest on Advance Installments.
5. Payment in 24 Hours - Quick Processing.  

Documentation List

1. Photograph of Party/Guarantor
2. Signature verification/A/c Payee Cheque encashment
3. Residence Proof
    (Passport / RationCard / Voter Card / Aadhar Card / PAN Card/Electricity Bill)
4. Complete CTS Post dated Cheques
5. Bank Statement (min. 1 yr.) of all accounts
6. Cheque Guarantee / Hindi / Punjabi
1. Party
2. Guarantor/s
1. Registration Deed/Fard-Agriculture/Commercial/Residence (Along with Photographs)
2. ‘J’ Form for agricultural Income Proof (min. 2 yrs.)1. Registration Deed/Fard-Agriculture/Commercial/Residence (Along with Photographs)
2. ‘J’ Form for agricultural Income Proof (min. 2 yrs.)
1. Latest Assessment Orders/Income Tax Return of Last 2 Years
2. Certified Form No. 16
3. Latest Salary Slip
1. Photocopy of R.C. & Permit
2. Copy of Original Invoice
3. Clearance from Previous Financier
4. Sale Affidavit/Letter of previous Registered Owner’s
5. Before Payment Release
(i) Co’s Endorsement on R.C. and Insurance
(ii) DTO record verification by Co.
(iii) Verification of asset by company
(iv) Latest Fitness Certificate & Tax Status of vehicle.
(v) Payment to seller / Finance co. / Dealer Hindi / Punjabi
(vi) Invoice of Machinery Hindi / Punjabi
(vii) List of Machinery Hindi / Punjabi
1. Latest 2 Years Audited Balance Sheet with computations
2. Bank Certificate of satisfactory dealing
3. Certificate of Incorporation and copy of PAN Card
4. Profile of Organisation
5. Resolution to Deal
6. Particulars of Partners/Directors/Trustees on Letter head
7. ROC Charge
8. VAT Returns
9. AOA/MOA of Pvt. Ltd. Companies
10. Partnership Deed/Trust Deed
11. Name of Partner/Directors/Trustees on Letter Head
12. Letter from Party that Machinery is in working condition and free from all sort of incumbrances in case of old Machinery
13. Letter from Party / Dealer that Machine is ready for dispatch and to release payment in case of new Machinery