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Why Invest With PKF
Safety & Security
1. Established since 1958.
2. Registered with RBI.
3. One of the first company to be awarded ‘A’ Category Registration Certificate by RBI & Adequate Safety by CRISIL 
4. Company’s Investments Double than the total Deposits Accepted.
5. Asset Financing company i.e. financing of  Vehicles, Medical Equipments, Machinery etc.
6. Track record of Consistent Growth , Profit Sharing, Dividend Paying Group since inception.
7. Self owned Corporate Office in the heart of Jalandhar named “ Balbir Tower ”
8Company is owning immovable Properties worth Rs. 10 Crores
9. Strong fundamentals, Secure & safe investments.
10. Company managed by a very Efficient & Dedicated Team of Directors.
High Return
1. Better Return & Flexibility than Banks.
2. Higher Yield than Post Office.
3. Guaranteed Returns, No Market Risk.
Service with Smile
1. Post dated cheques of Interest/
2. Any time withdrawal/ Loan
3. No prior notice required even for heavy Pre- mature withdrawls.
4. Facility to Accept & Repay Outstation Deposit quickly even without your visit
5. Service at your Door-steps.